As a Cavitation Specialist, it is my job to be good at recognizing fat, manipulating it - and ultimately removing it.  What I didn't understand was how to STOP it and how nutrition contributed to it.  I only knew what I was taught to know.  What I was "allowed" to know, which wasn't at all accurate.  I feel very empowered to finally grasp nutrition in a way that leads to healing, fat loss, and disease reversal - something many Practitioners, Physicians, Nutritionists, and Trainers will go their entire careers without.

So, How Did I Get Here.....

 I, like many of you struggled with weight, lack of energy, and terrible eating habits that left me feeling miserable.  Life had taken it's toll and just like that - the norm became unhealthy on-the-go foods packed with sugar - even the ones that I thought were good choices.

Approximately 6 years ago I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism.  I had gained a ton of weight inexplicably, and furthermore was suffering from hormone inbalances, a lack of energy and total frustration.  I have a few injuries that had become so inflamed they were leaving me almost immobile.  A 35 year old "athlete" was now taking anti-inflammatories daily just so I could walk down a flight of stairs.

Even with my medical background - I had no answers.  So I followed the "standard" care and relied solely on medication - which masked the issue, and provided minimal results at best.

It wasn't until a few years ago, that all changed.  My Mom  - and my biggest supporter - was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.  Each appointment the news got worse, and eventually she was given a 5% chance of survival.  We would go to see specialist after specialist, each one reiterating a bleak outlook.  What was even more scary than the slim survival rate, was the lack of discussion or advice as to what she could do to improve her chances.  When I say lack of - I mean ZERO.  Not one specialist advised her to avoid sugar.  NOT ONE.  I wasn't an Oncologist, but I knew enough to know cancer thrives on sugar.  I could not understand why any professional would not give their patients ALL of the facts - and not solely rely on drug treatments.  From that point forward, I was determined to become the expert my Mom needed if she was going to survive, and I needed to do it quickly.  

To say I went back to school would be an understatement.  I enrolled in as many programs as I could handle, met with every Functional Medicine Practitioner that would see me, attended conferences, and surrounded myself with people and information that could save my Mom's life.

My Mom followed the instructions that I gave her right from day one, without hesitation - and yes, most of that advice went AGAINST everything she was being advised on the conventional side.  Years later, I am happy to report that she is living a healthy and happy life!  All of the deadly cancerous fluid she once had is now gone.  She does still have a few small tumours, however they are shrinking and controlled.  What I can say, she was not a miracle, she survived because she eliminated the fuel that was stoking the fire.  She also DID do Chemotherapy.  I firmly believe had she not combined her treatment plans through both functional and conventional practices, she would not be alive today.

As for me, I am now a passionate Functional Nutrition Practitioner.  Life is an amazing journey, and what was once a devastating experience has not only helped my mom,  but changed my health as well.  The best part, is my ability to now help those individuals who are struggling and cannot find the answers through conventional medicine.   


​Jillian Strong

Best Jump Roper In The World

Yes, for real.  At the age of 17 I won the World Jump Rope Championships in Brisbane, Australia, along with 6 Junior Olympic Individual Gold Medals throughout my career.  After studying sports medicine in university, I developed a health and fitness motivational program which went on to be ranked in the top 5 Motivational Assemblies for 10 years in a row, in 3 DIFFERENT countries - Canada, United States, and Australia.  
I toured the world for over a decade and finally hung up the rope when I was 34.  I still occasionally pick it up though!
Not many people get to say they were the "best" at anything in the world, and I'm quite certain it won't happen to me again in my lifetime - but that doesn't stop me from trying at everything I do!
Just in case you don't believe me........feel free to watch below :)



I have had more knee surgeries than I have fingers.  I suffered a devastating knee injury when I was young.  I was in my prime - playing every sport you can imagine including competitive soccer.  I was told by multiple surgeons I would never play another game of soccer, nor would I be able to ever jump rope again.  When I woke up from the initial surgery, my leg was in a full cast - which almost never happens.  The top surgeons in all of Canada were unanimous in this being a career-ending injury.
As you can see from the video - they were wrong!  Although many surgeries followed, I went on to have a fantastic soccer career, made jump rope my profession and still play volleyball to this day.  
I have suffered several other injuries - I broke BOTH ankles at the same time playing soccer, haha - don't ask!
I also had emergency gallbladder surgery in Australia when I was on tour.  Don't worry - they took great care of me Down Under and I didn't even miss a show (although, that part may have gone against Dr.'s orders!)
There is a point to all of this - I don't quit.  Ever.  Not in anything I do - and certainly not on my patients.



I absolutely love to travel!
I've been to some of the most beautiful places on the planet and I still have so many more on my bucket list.  I'm not much of a beach girl, but I love exploring and chasing waterfalls.  
I used to travel a lot, but now with two clinics that are 3000 miles apart I don't have an abundance of time.  
Helping others achieve health has taken priority for the time being - but soon, and I mean VERY SOON it will get easier, with less opposition, and more voices spreading the message that food is the prescription we all need!


Stacey Gauthier,
Fat Reduction Specialist

The Reverse Institute has a great team, but no one is as valuable, professional and loved like our Fat Reduction and New Client Specialist!

This amazing lady will absolutely take amazing care of you, and she might even make you laugh.

Always a smiling face and we are lucky to have her!