The best of both worlds! We know how important your health is. We also know how important it is to be satisfied when you look in the mirror after all of your hard work. It is heartbreaking when a patient comes to me after losing a mass amount of weight with such disappointment over the condition of their now saggy skin. Skin is our biggest organ and should be taken care of in the same way you would all of the others. This doesn't make you "shallow" as some would claim, this makes you smart in knowing that all of your body parts matter, whether you can see them or not. With this package you can choose to use the treatments on any body part you choose and you also get to choose the option of extra fat reduction, or extra skin tightening. All of the treatments are safe, effective, painless, and offer immediate results! This package includes: 7 Day Meal Plan 6 Weeks Coaching FREE Ketone Testing (6 Weeks) 4 Treatments Of Your Choice (Choose between Fat Reduction, Skin Tightening, or Wrinkle Elimination)
    Just looking for treatments? Nutrition is vitally important for your overall well-being, but some of you have that part down and don't need our help. If you are just looking for skin tightening, targeted fat reduction, or wrinkle elimination this package is for you. We offer a significant discount when you purchase this package as opposed to single treatments, and also, when purchased online - which helps reduce no shows. This package includes 3 Treatments of your choice. They can be used anywhere on the body, can include fat reduction, skin tightening, or both, and they never expire!
    Maybe you are fitting a bit too tight in a dress you want to wear this weekend, or have an upcoming celebration and want to look extra refreshed. We certainly don't have a problem helping with that! Opt for just a single treatment of your choice. Fat Reduction Skin Tightening Wrinkle Reduction Again, nutrition always comes first - but a little extra help can go a long way :)
    Body weight is a combination of several factors: water, muscle, and fat. Are you retaining water? Have you lost muscle? Or are you actually burning fat? There are a lot of things affecting us every day that a single number on a scale can’t tell you, and it can get frustrating to switch things up, then “wait and see” only to discover a certain routine isn’t working. By measuring and tracking your fat-burn from the inside, you can begin to paint a picture of your body’s reaction to food and exercise in real time, long before outward signs of fat-loss become noticeable. This means that instead of repeatedly going back to the drawing board, you can begin to predict how changes in routine will affect fat-loss. Much more transparent, right? We like it that way. Because every body is unique, the effects of nutrition and exercise cannot be precisely predicted. This testing provides a measurement that predicts an individual’s fat loss per week. With this information, you will be able to (or we can) quickly and accurately make decisions about your nutrition and fitness plan. All it takes is one simple breath. You will receive a printout with each test.
$129.00+hst Ea. Online Only
The cost for this package without purchasing online is $159.00+hst per treatment. If you prefer this option, please call the clinic to book.
Online Only
4 Equal Installments
The cost for this package without purchasing online is $859.00+hst.  If you prefer this option, please call the clinic to book.
(Must be paid in full online)
Online Only
The cost for this treatment without purchasing online is $189.00+hst.  If you prefer this option, please call the clinic to book.
$79.99+hst Yearly
Unlimited Online Only
Single tests available at clinic.  $18.99+hst/test.
​Walk ins welcome.
($200.00+hst Due at sign up, 3 more equal payments of $200.00+hst)
(Must be paid in full online)

3 Day Plan
7 Day Plan
1-on-1 Consult
    Most people feel completely lost without guidance. They have so many questions mainly surrounding their food choices and consumption. Typically once a patient starts one of my food plans, they see immediate success. The stress of guessing is eliminated and they can focus on healing and learning. Once you submit your questionnaire, I will create a customized plan specifically for you based on your needs, and preferences. This isn't to say the plan will be perfect! You are unique and we will certainly need to make adjustments over the course of the 6 weeks. That is the benefit of having me by your side. What does this package come with? A 7 day customized meal plan 6 weeks coaching (Can be done in clinic, or phone/video chat) 1 30 minute session each week This must be purchased online. Once purchased, you will receive a questionnaire via email that is a requirement so I can create a plan that best suits your needs. You will receive your food plan within 24hrs and we can start your 6 week program whenever you wish!
    We work A LOT with spouses. Almost always one spouse is succeeding while the other one is not. When we start to ask what they have been eating individually, can you guess what the answer is?! "Well, we eat the same thing!" It should go without saying what works for one will not work for another, but unfortunately so many people are asking those who have found success what they are eating. Guess what happens next, failure. We are all individuals and we need to cater to our own DNA and requirements. When we work with couples we take BOTH individuals needs into account and create a plan that will work for both spouses or partners. Don't worry, we work it out so you don't have to prepare two separate meals and we find options that work in both scenarios. With this package you will BOTH receive: A 7 day customized meal plan 6 weeks coaching (Can be done in clinic, or phone/video chat) 1 30 minute session - can be combined or individual (you choose)
    So, maybe you are someone that feels they just need a little guidance, but would rather not have the coaching built in. Many people just want verification or new options, and that is fine with us. You can choose either a 3 day plan or a 7 day plan. Both of these options are completely customized for you as an individual. You tell us what you like, and most importantly don't like. No more food plans that don't fit your lifestyle!
    This option is for those of you who have general questions and what a professional opinion. What about cholesterol? What about macros? How should I eat for my current health? Should I be fasting? Etc. Many times this way of eating can be over-complicated and confusing to the majority just starting out, and even those that are experienced. Getting perspective and answers from an expert can make all of the difference. Once purchased you will receive a link via email to a calendar where you will be able to schedule an appointment that best suits your availability and choose either a location for a face to face or schedule a phone/video chat. You choose!
Mission Statement
Here at the Reverse Institute, our mission is simple.  We are dedicated to helping people feel and look their very best. 

Health care over the years has become complicated, and unsuccessful.  Reverse Institute is committed to helping our patients get back to healthy and reverse the ailments that plague them using functional nutrition. Inflammation and chronic disease stems from one source, food.  As we now start to understand how the world got so off course in nutrition basics, we are making great strides in reversing the all-too-common diseases caused by modern day diet.

It doesn't stop there!  We can also reverse the signs of aging and skin damage, along with removing targeted areas of unwanted fat layers.  Pretty incredible, right?  We are REALLY good at what we do, so making you feel good both inside and out would be our pleasure.